At Oyisa United Debt Specialists we don’t only want clients to become debt free, we want clients to stay debt free!

Basic principles to follow in order to stay debt free:

  1. Formulate a monthly budget, stick to it and consistently review it on a monthly basis
  2. Never fall behind on monthly payments for any bills, including credit cards, store cards, utility bills and any other financial obligations.
  3. Only take now and pay later, if you can afford to pay the monthly balance on the outstanding credit that comes with the purchase.
  4. Always save at least three months living expenses, should any unforeseen accident, loss of employment or emergency arise.
  5. Divide savings into the following categories:
  • College (How many kids do you have?)
  • Weddings (How many daughters do you have?)
  • Replacement vehicles (How long will your current vehicle last?)
  • Retirement (Where do you currently stand with your pension etc? How much do you aim to have saved up for your retirement?)
  • Major purchases (Do you have excess money to pay for new necessities?)
  1. Learn to negotiate.
  2. Understand the concept of interest charges.
  3. Buy on sale. If you are certain that you will be using an item regularly, avoid paying full price buy purchasing them on sale and stocking up.
  4. Be realistic by setting attainable and achievable goals. Cut down on spending to avoid spending more than your income. It is essential to stay in a debt-free positive territory.
  5. Plot your net worth and keep track of your financing:
  • Total assets – Total liabilities = Net worth
  • Total assets: Combine all your money from your savings or checking account, trust funds, property value, car value, stock value, etc.
  • Total liabilities: Combine all your debts such as home mortgage, credit card balance, etc

Your goal is to have a positive net worth value at all times and it should be increasing as time goes by.

Remember above all else that you are not alone out there.

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