During Easter you may be thinking about spending some well earned time with the kids, eating more than your fair share of Easter eggs and perhaps visit church on Easter Sunday. Use this time to resurrect your finances this Easter with Oyisa United Debt Specialists.

Dealing with financial problems is not on top of most people’s “to-do” list over the Easter holidays. However, if you have debt problems then the festive break is a perfect time to spring clean your finances. Here’s our list of proactive ways to get your money matters in order.

  1. Face the problem head on: Most people in debt ignore telephone calls and letters because they fear the worst. By ignoring the problem it doesn’t go away, it just gets bigger.
  1. “A problem shared”: Easter is a time for sharing your eggs. Talking about your debt and sharing your problems with a friend, member of your family or a debt specialist at OUDS, is a good way to ease the burden debt can create. It can be extremely useful to get another perspective and advice on the situation.
  1. Get a spring in your step: Organise your paperwork and complete a basic income and expenditure list to better understand how much disposable income you have to pay towards your debts each month.
  1. Enjoy the Easter break: It can be difficult to enjoy the Easter holidays when you have debt problems, especially if you’re feeling under pressure and your sleep is being disrupted. Enjoy your break by finding free things to do – such as choir events at your local church, an event at your local park etc…
  1. Money saving tips: There is a number of different money saving websites and blogs where you can save cash. Check online for websites which help you save money on things like your shopping (coupons) and essential items.
  1. Walk and get healthy: Debt is known to cause mental health problems because of the strain and pressure associated with debt. However, exercise can help improve your mental state and you’ll be in a better place to get active and resolve your financial woes.
  1. Get the right help: Finally, if your debt problems are severe and you cannot see a route which will enable you to resolve your debt problem then there are a number of debt solutions available to you. Speak to OUDS, we can provide you with specialist advice and guidance you need. The best thing about it our consultations are FREE!!!

Anybody seeking debt advice this Easter can contact OUDS on 079 980 0822, for free assistance, help, or more information or visit our website: www.ouds.co.za

Oyisa United Debt Specialists wishes everyone a very Happy Easter!

If you are travelling these holidays please drive safely