Illustrations to guide people toward better financial choices.

Financial planning has two sides: the logical, which focuses on tasks such as making monetary decisions and creating a spending plan, and then the more emotional aspect of what, drives people to really get on top of their finances. There’s a lot that goes into someone being financially successful, to which we have to widen our scope about people’s beliefs around money.

To tackle that subjective aspect of financial planning, OUDS encourages people to use evocative images to help themselves create and adhere to their long term financial goals.

The idea is to pick images (literally cut them out of a magazine, print them from the internet or even search Pinterest boards that appeal to you) that resonate with you to help shape and guide your goal setting, and then place them on a chart. The idea is to create a vision board or illustration of one’s goals that you have in your mind. This is to help you engage in a deeper way and get excited and energized into achieving your financial goals, be it a ship cruise, a new house, car or even debt free.

It can also help improve communication and coordination within relationships, so try maybe doing it with your partner. Maybe you’ve never realized that your significant other wants to go to Egypt or study to become a doctor, you could learn things you’ve had no idea about your “babe” before.

To create your own vision board to shape your goals going forward, consider these five suggestions:

1. Not just words use images

When thinking up your goals, images thereof are an essential component, because pictures can spark latent ideas or dreams to surface. It touches you on deeper level that’s much more vitalizing than if I asked you, “What are your goals for retirement?” It brings forth responses that might not come about otherwise, remember the old adage “seeing is believing”.

2. Group your images into quadrants

Create a basic chart on to place your images on, and then rank them by how soon you want to achieve these goals and how much they cost. This helps you to think about how you can turn your goals into action. If one of your goals doesn’t cost that much money, like starting a vegetable garden, then you may be able to start right away. If it costs money but you have time to save and plan for it, then you can start by putting money aside.

3. Find a calm & quiet place

After gathering your images (there’s no limit to home many images you want to have) and you start to place them on your board/chart, choose a comfortable, quiet serene spot to sit with your eyes closed, and contemplate about what the images mean to you.

Give it a scene. In this image what are you doing? Are there people with your there? Are they talking to you? What type of sounds do you hear? What do you smell? Expanding on your vision and all that you associate with it will help you to zone in on your exact goal.

4. Succumb to the power of visualization

Studies suggest visualizing goals is a powerful tool, which can help you to make them become a reality. When you start to envision them you’ll even start noticing different details about your surroundings. [Visualizing goals] raises your awareness to opportunities; it helps you see things in a different way. Conversations you’ll have, you’ll hear differently, and it assists you to focus on what you want to accomplish for yourself.

5. Don’t forget about your retirement savings

Whether your prosperity picture displays images of travelling to Tibet or taking Mexican cooking classes, too many individuals forget to invest enough money into traditional retirement accounts,or investments, that offer tax advantages. The benefit is an automatic savings and tax deduction.

No one has ever said, they wish they hadn’t put so much money into their retirement plan.

Throughout all these steps staying positive is paramount.

Excuses like, “I just don’t know how to work with money,” will work against you. Replace that kind of negative thinking with more positive encouragement, and it will help you move closer to your goals while avoiding frustration.

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