Let’s be honest, most people pretend they are fine when in fact they’re really struggling financially. They try to convince themselves that everything is OK, they but on a show and a dance in front of their friends to fool them into believing their living the dream.In fact though, if you look closer you’ll see that their sleeping badly, are not acting like themselves, they get angry quickly and sometimes become quiet and withdrawn.

Families and friends are generally the first to suffer because, well… peaking plainly their not pleasant to be around. They are stressed and depressed about their finances and have no idea on how to deal with it.

According to Statistics South Africa (STATSSA), over 8 million South Africans are over-indebted, meaning that 8 million households are currently struggling to pay their debts on a monthly basis and are in need of debt counselling. To put this into perspective, that’s half of the economically active population. These statistics have not stopped South Africans from taking on more credit, as the recent report shows a 22.91% increase in new credit approvals and the result is that more than 70% of an average household income is spent on repaying debts, thereby drastically lowering living standards as disposable incomes becomes less and food and fuel prices keep climbing.

The fact in the matter is that South Africans are becoming more indebted than ever before. This is a huge problem, but as you know very well, it’s a secret problem, something we hide behind smiles and laughter and don’t talk about because we don’t want our family and friends to know…because we ignorantly hoping that things will suddenly change or we’re deeply ashamed & embarrassedDebt is stressful, it’s really no joke, its responsible for 50% of divorces, but you CAN deal with it.

I have helped clients deal with their debt (and fix their credit records) for the last twelve years, and still going forward. I have come to see that every one of those people I helped, who took action and fought to overcome their financial situation, is now smiling again, happy once more in their jobs and personal lives. The life changing factor was in taking action to correct their situation, not playing the victim. You need to know that there is hope, that you CAN become financially secure again, that you CAN get your life back. Sitting on your hands worried and stressed will get you nowhere, listening to people telling you that “it will get better, things will change you’ll see” will accomplish nothing. Well wishes and platitudes don’t solve problems, only by acting, deciding and then going out to do something about it will get you somewhere.

Take action now! Do it! Don’t let anymore time slip by, use this as a challenge to start to rebuild your finances and get out of debt. Give up being the victim and become the role model, let something positive come from this experience, build on it! RISE UP! Show your family, children, friends and others that with determination and perseverance, you can overcome challenges and become debt free. If you have been lying to yourself and making excuses, STOP! You owe it to yourself, if not you, you definitely owe it to your spouse and children. Don’t get bullied and taken advantage of any longer, you don’t belong to your creditors! You do not live to serve them!

You WILL get out of debt and you WILL get back to being all that you were meant to be!

With over 12 years of specialized experience in the debt & legal field Oyisa United Debt Specialists is committed to assisting South African consumers in financial liberation.

 So you truly can leave your debt worries in the past and start your new beginning!

OUDS is uniquely placed to tend to your best interests and see that you are financially secure, which you deserve.