Easter is a fantastic celebration and one that the entire family enjoys. After all, what’s not to love! A long weekend of public holidays and, of course, the most important aspect – lots of delicious chocolate eggs and good food! But you don’t have to run into “Easter Debt” trying to do it though.

The true cost of the holiday

Now of course, there are the realities of the cost implications for all of this chocolate egg purchasing, not to mention your family’s health! The average chocolate egg can contain anything from 1000 calories upwards and contains an awful lot of sugar…granted it tastes delicious though.

  • Why not avoid purchasing an excessive amount and limit your Easter eggs to one or two really good quality ones?
  • Or get creative and buy some chocolate moulds that you can use year after year again to make your own Easter eggs with the kids. It’s a great way to have fun and spend some time together at the same time. Not to mention your kids will love to decorate their own creations!
  • You could also try some other lovely Easter crafts, such as dip-dying the shells of hard-boiled eggs with food colouring.

Holidays don’t need to cost you money

If you’re trying to cut back on holiday spending, then the idea of finding ways to keep the kids entertained over the Easter holidays is probably giving you a migraine. It’s important to remember that Easter holidays don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to have fun.

Trying to plan the perfect Easter holiday can/will put a great big gaping hole in your budget.

So here are some great tips to save money over Easter:

  • Kids are just as happy with inexpensive sweets and treats as they are with expensive ones. I’ve personally found that quantity trumps quality on this holiday time and time again.
  • Families can spend time together going to the beach, watching a movie together or playing games, and again without needing to spend money!
  • Avoid the temptation zones such as shopping centres and restaurants which are often expensive and will be chaotic during this time in any event. Is that where you really want to spend your time off?
  • Make your very own Easter basket;you can literally save yourself half the cost or more by creating your very own Easter basket! It’s a great way to have fun and spend some time with your kids; they’ll love decorating their own creations!

Word of advice check out the Crazy store, you’ll find sweets, snacks, stuffed animals, arts and craft supplies, basically everything you need to make it happen.

These are perfect for an Easter egg hunt!

  • Free-for-all meal times, instead of spending all your time cooking over the long weekend, delegate some of the responsibilities to your family and friends that will be visiting. Or at the very least, they can contribute by bringing side dishes and desserts.
  • Get going on planning for next year. After the long weekend take advantage of those after Easter sales. Stock up on non-perishable items, you’ll save loads!
  • There are always free events happening over Easter so keep an eye out. Things such as an Easter bazaar, arts & crafts, an Easter egg hunt, charity event, a fun run or some other activity is always taking place over this period. You’ll be able to enjoy your break without having to break the bank!

So as you can see there are numerous ways you can save yourself from red lining your bank account this Easter. Pre-planning your Easter Holiday can save you more money than you think so get cracking!


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