Oyisa United Debt Specialists, your sword and shield. We fight for your financial freedom when you can’t anymore.

If you’re looking at this page because your debt is causing you sleepless nights, problems concentrating at work, fights with your partner and stress every pay day, then you’re at the right place. Oyisa United Debt Specialists is here to help!

We are a debt resolution company. Meaning we get people out of debt

When you don’t know where to turn too, and can’t take the pressure any more, that’s when you turn to the people that actually HAVE the experience and ARE specialized in debt solutions.

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In terms of the National Credit Act No: 34 of 2005, Section 156(1)(a) & (b), by law we are not allowed to disclose any of your contact information to any third party; and we do hereby undertake to honour the Act in this regard.


  • Personal Relationship Manager caring and guiding you through the process;
  • Pay only one affordable monthly installment
  • Installments reduced by 30 – 50%
  • No more garnishees
  • Remove fees on your repayments
  • Credit providers communicate with us, not you!
  • You’ll be legally protected against your creditors
  • The NCA protects you from being blacklisted
  • Keep clients in their homes and save them money;
  • No more financial stress!
  • Assists to prevents clients from declaring bankruptcy;
  • Decreases the chances summonses and judgements against clients;


Scott, thank you very much for all your efforts and assistance in all my queries. Your telephone etiquette is very much laudable. You address all issues in a concise but very effective manner. It is people like you that make Oyisa to be the “it” company that can help with financial problems. Your passion precedes you in your work and this is visible in the interaction I had with you. I would certainly recommend OUDS to anyone I know that has financial problems as I do.
Thank you so much for your informative message received. I also commend you for your speedy and professional attention to my application. Customer care and service is still a major problem in our country. The manner you rendered the service to us, makes us feel respected and cared for. May you continue to serve the people of SA in the best way possible! You are a star Scott Cockcroft
It’s rare these days to get such fantastic customer service. I went to another company first, where I cancelled my agreement with them because of the terrible service I received. When I contacted you I was very afraid that the same would happen. Scott, however answered all of my questions, explained what was happening, the process and kept me up to date on what he was doing. He made a big difference in a very stressful and frightening situation. I would recommend him to anybody in the same situation.
Thank you Scott, it was and is an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Your service provided was the reason I will continue and make every effort to abide by the process you put in place!

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Debt Management Audit
Includes a free credit bureau check