What is Debt Management Audit?

We come across consumers on a daily basis who have absolutely no idea what the state of their credit profile is. This could be due to lack of knowledge, lack of access to a credit report, or even just not wanting to know (ignorance is bliss). OUDS offers a Debt Management Audit which is a FREE ASSESSMENT!

Whatever the reason though, it is extremely important that we keep track of our credit profiles. Having a good credit profile will save us heartache, money and time when we need to access credit, such as when you’re looking for access to a bond facility or vehicle.

Having a lower credit score means that we are higher risk consumers, which means you’ll struggle to gain access to credit facilities when you really need it the most, such as purchasing a house.

Having a high risk credit profile means higher interest rates and stricter terms when trying to obtain access to credit from financial institutes.

This could end your dreams of purchasing a house or car!

OUDS has therefore launched Debt Management Audit (free assessment) service to consumers. This is to allow you to get an informed report on the standing of your credit profile and specialized advice and assistance should you need it.

This report will contain our findings, advice and solutions on how to manage your credit better.

Benefits of Debt Management Audit (free assessment):

  • OUDSwill draw up a full credit report on clients, determining credit records, judgments, defaults, negative listings etc…;
  • We check your contact information;
  • How many people/creditors are looking at your credit bureau report (your credit profile);
  • Check your creditor payment history (good/bad);
  • How much debt your have;
  • Check if you are over-indebted;
  • Identify any possible Reckless lending;
  • Develops a tailored and supportive debt relief plan;
  • Educates clients on improve credit scores and manage their budgets  more efficiently & effectively;
  • OUDS offers free, unbiased and expert advice on how to reduce debt;
  • A debt management plan will enable clients to stay on top of their finances;
  • Debt repayment plansand budgets are tailored to the individual financial particulars of the client;
  • Educates consumers on how to reduce and manage debt their debt, empowering consumers to approach and negotiate payment terms with their creditors and constructively become debt free by gaining financial independence;
  • Helps consumers keep control of their money and make well informed decisions about monthlydebt payments;
  • Supplies consumers with structured and helpful debt management tools needed to gain financial independence;
  • Reduces debt repayment amounts and increases cash flow by managing debt through consumer debt education.

Once we have checked the above information we will prepare a report for you. This report will contain our findings, advice and solutions on how to manage your credit better.

It will be our pleasure to provide you with a FREE Debt Management Audit (free assessment).

And we do mean absolutely free! No obligation required.

Contact us today to take advantage of your free Debt Management Audit.