Debt Counselling (also known as Debt Review or Debt management)

is a very powerful & formal voluntary legal and closely managed debt solution process, created by the Government and introduced in the National Credit Act no: 34 of 2005, enforced on the 1st of June 2007. It is a debt solution targeted at South African consumers who are over indebted and struggling to manage their finances. This process also provides immediate protection against legal action and blacklisting from your credit provider.

It’s a legal process that’s goal is to rework your various debt payments into a new, affordable, consolidated repayment plan. Your new repayment plan is formulated in such a way that it empowers you to pay your debt and provide for your family’s essential living costs. So it truly gives you immediate breathing space. Oyisa’s Debt Counsellors guide clients with debt problems through debt review, enabling them to make monthly debt repayments and gain financial stability once again.

Oyisa’s debt counselling process helps clients who are struggling to make debt payments, by entering them into a structured debt repayment plan with their credit providers, in order to ensure they take firm control of their financial situation and settle their short and long-term debt within a reasonable period of time. This will be done through the process of re-negotiating interest rates with credit providers in order to reduce them, as well as by extending the debt repayment terms. Your new repayment plan is agreed upon by your creditors (we negotiate with them on your behalf), regulated by the National Credit Act and authorized/enforced through a court order. The consumer makes only one monthly debt repayment, which will be distributed to all consumers’ credit providers. This reduces the stress of having to keep up to date and on top of multiple debt repayments.

Most importantly, when under debt review, consumers are legally protected by the National Credit Act (NCA)and creditors are no longer allowed to hassle them.

This means that the debt review process legally protects you, and your assets, against creditors who want to take legal action against you.

Oyisa has mandates with credit providers to extend the terms and reduce interest rates within reason. Oyisa aim’s to get clients debt free in 60 months, though repayment terms can be extended due to assets such as bonds and vehicles being included. With Oyisa’s debt counselling can be considered as a highly effective method of becoming debt free.

Once your debt review process is completed you’ll receive a clearance certificate and your credit record is cleared.

Oyisa United Debt Specialists are registered Debt Counsellors (NCRDC2312) with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and members of DCASA the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (membership no: 0565).

With over 11 years of specialized experience in the debt & legal field Oyisa United Debt Specialists is committed to assisting South African consumers in financial liberation.

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