Vehicle Repossession – Know your rights

This year has started off with quite a few consumers inquiring about what their rights are in terms of vehicle repossession. So I have decided to write this piece and give consumers out there the facts regarding car repossession and all that it entails. Having a car repossessed has a tremendous impact on anyone’s life, not [...]

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New Car Owners Bad Habits That Ruin a Vehicle’s Value

If you’ve just bought a brand spanking new car, go easy on the petrol. OUDS has always advised against consumers buying brand new vehicles – ever - and so have a number of personal finance specialists, but consumers are obviously ignoring this advice. Some insurance providers state that 90% of new vehicle owners they insure [...]

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 If you fear that you won’t be able to keep up your car payments, you can try selling your car before you miss any vehicle loan payments and use the proceeds to pay off your car loan. Your goal is to sell it for more than your outstanding loan balance so you have some cash [...]

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Advice and guidelines on avoiding repossession Avoiding repossession? Having a car repossessed can be consequential, as most people need a car for everyday use and repossession contributes to the negative information in your credit history. Repossession: If you fall behind on your car payments, the company that financed the purchase of the vehicle is legally entitled [...]

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Here’s the painful truth about brand new cars. They depreciate their value as soon as you drive them off the lot. They shed about 10-15% of their value, then another 20% on their first year. By the time they are three years old, they are already 50% off their original value. To many, this may [...]

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