PRESCRIBED DEBT INVESTIGATIONS - WHAT IS PRESCRIPTION? Prescribed debt investigations is another service that OUDS specializes in. The Prescription Act 68, implemented in South Africa in 1968, was introduced as means of protecting South African consumers from unscrupulous credit providers, who are accountable for recklessly lending credit and have contributed to the detrimental debt crisis South [...]

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How to Fight Zombie Debt – Prescribed Debt

This is our OUDS survival guide on how to fight zombie debt, better known as prescribed debt in South Africa. Zombie debt refers to old debt which is purchased by debt collectors hoping to intimidate or scare consumers into paying very old debt. If you're contacted by a debt collection agency about an old debt [...]

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Can Zombie Debt Come Back To Haunt Me? – Prescribed Debt

So what is zombie debt you may ask? Let’s say your phone rings and the collection agent on the other end tells you that you have not paid your debt??? You have no idea what debt he or she is talking about, but their going at you full blast about a 6 year old cellphone [...]

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