Is your debt getting you down?

Let’s be honest, most people pretend they are fine when in fact they’re really struggling financially. They try to convince themselves that everything is OK, they but on a show and a dance in front of their friends to fool them into believing their living the dream.In fact though, if you look closer you’ll see [...]

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Debt Stress – How to Cope & Deal

The financial stress can have a real impact on your health both mentally and physically, causing you to develop unhealthy habits and even become sick. Swimming in debt can be stressful to say the least, but over time, having to constantly stress about money can take a real toll on your health. People with large [...]

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How to Combat Financial Envy

Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and put your money jealousy into perspective. Think everyone has it better than you? You aren't alone. "Financial jealousy is a very real phenomenon and causes a fair amount of distress for the vulnerable," says Ramani Durvasula, a Los Angeles-based licensed clinical psychologist and psychology professor at [...]

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Are You One of These 5 Types of Overspenders?

Whether you’re a bargain hunter or compulsive shopper, you can stop your bad spending habits today. Most overspenders go on spending sprees to feel an emotional need. During my early adolescent years after leaving home I was forced to do something I didn't want to do: Plan a budget. “Life” demanded it of me. With [...]

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8 Signs You’re a Shopaholic — and What to Do About It

Are you a Shopaholic? It’s one thing to surrender to the occasional impulse buy — that watch gleaming from behind the display case, or a pair of black shoes that will add the perfect dash of sophistication to your favorite business suit. But when your purchases shift from impulsive to compulsive, it’s the first sign [...]

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Financial Stress – Simple Steps on How to Manage it

Financial money and the lack of it causing you stress? You are not alone. Financial stress is rampant in our society and there are studies that shed some light on the gravity of this problem. It may not be pretty obvious but the guy next to you could be a part of the following statistic. A [...]

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Understanding the Consequences of Debt Stress’s easy to underestimate debt stress when you are somehow able to pay some of it, as when you still have a source of income or making minimum payments each month. We tend to overlook its consequences and continue adding some more to what is already a mounting debt. If you are currently in debt, [...]

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Having good Mental Debt Health

Part of being a good Debt Counsellor is the ability to actively listen and asses a consumers state of mind, or as I like to call it their “Mental Debt Health”. Often people are shocked to hear I don’t just crunch numbers and slap out a “debt Solution”. I sit, actively listen and to watch [...]

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