Debt Review explained in 6 Easy Steps

There are a lot of misconceptions, some negative, as to how the Debt Counselling (also known as Debt Review) process truly works. So let’s forget the urban legends and myths, here is the low down on Debt Review explained in 6 easy steps. Firstly a fact that most SA citizens aren’t aware of is that [...]

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The 7 Deadly Money Sins

The “seven deadly sins” characteristically acts as a caution for one not to lose their bearing on their moral compass. What you may not yet realize is that some of these mannerisms filter through into our daily lives and cause chaos on our finances. In the scriptures of finance, the following shopping and spending manners [...]

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Tough Economic Times – Tips

South Africa’s decaying economic climate is currently making everyone nervous. Reports of fraud, mismanagement of funds and bribery is rampant across the country. We still have a very long way to go before things start to look up and it’s not going to be anytime soon. Although these financial realities are staring South Africans in [...]

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When Grocery Shopping Leaves Your Wallet Empty – Tips & Ideas

Are you left confused every month as to how your grocery bill ended up higher than what you budgeted for previously? You sit wondering where the money went, and it unfortunately it has the knock on effect of disrupting the rest of your finances. Here’s the shocker, statistics show that South African households do not [...]

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Good Money Choices – How to make Them All Day Long

Here are some tips for making good money choices from the moment you get out of bed in the morning, until you close your eyes at night. Financial security rests on a foundation of good money choices. Every day we're faced with thousands of little decisions, many of which have financial implications, for better or [...]

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Payday Loans – How to Avoid Them

We’ve all seen and heard those stupid adverts on T.V and the radio. Some loan agency offering Payday loans for consumers needing a “quick fix”.  They brag about how within minutes, you’ll have the money transferred into your account and off you can go again all your life’s problems solved in one easy transaction! What [...]

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Debt Recycling and What It Means

Debt Recycling, no I’m not talking about doing your part for the financial environment. Here we’re talking about a toxic problem that can be extremely hazardous to you if you don’t break the cycle. So I guess what we’re going to be talking about in this article is, “DONT RECYCLE DEBT!!!” Overdrafts and credit cards [...]

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