What is the best way to pay off your credit card debt?

If you’re still dwelling in the big debt hole, we can definitely help you climb out of it.

Oyisa United Debt Specialists debt settlement programs are specially designed to fit your paying capacity and financial situation.

We have the smart solutions on how to deal with your debt obligations; it will significantly lower your monthly debt instalments due to the fact that you’re guided by specialists. Such as accredited Debt Counsellors and certified Senior Paralegals.

Our debt settlement programs come with a monthly repayment scheme; which means that you’ll have the convenience of paying all your debts without sacrificing your budget allocated for other living expenses.

Through effective negotiations with your creditors, these programs can lower the actual amount of your monthly combined debt repayment by an average of 40-60% (based on actual client scenarios).

All of our debt settlement programs come with expert industry related assistance and legal counselling. Oyisa United Debt Specialists is therefore committed to assisting consumers struggling to make their debt repayments and facing financial difficulties, to solve their debt problems and empower them to take back control over their financial situation.

With over 11 years of specialized experience in the debt & legal field Oyisa United Debt Specialists is committed to assisting South African consumers in financial liberation.

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