Oyisa United Debt Specialists, your sword and shield.
We stand for you when you can’t.

Oyisa United Debt Specialists, is a Debt Counselling East London firm specializing in various debt resolution practices. Meaning we get people out of debt full stop!

To date, there are over 11 million South Africans who have fallen into arrears on their debt repayments. Debt is quickly becoming a widespread problem affecting our country, affecting people with diverse incomes and backgrounds.

Debt does not discriminate (look around you everyone is battling), it causes health concerns (are you tired all the time? Feel run down?) and it affects you psychologically (Depressed? Doubting yourself as a provider? Do you get a sinking feeling when you hear your cell phone go off?), your job (You just don’t have it in you anymore to get out of bed and face the day, face your work load?), it takes, and it can take from you everything…it doesn’t give back.

Debt is a battle and we at OUDS treat it as such! It’s not a process we all go through, a 5 step programme, a phase of life that we all “eventually” grow out of!

It’s a financial ailment that can effectively haunt you the rest of your life if not dealt with immediately (before it gets worse!) and put to rest once and for all!

Oyisa is devoted to helping South Africans gain financial stability and solve their debt problems. Oyisa offers a range of debt solution services we’ve called Phalanx©, to meet your needs and help you make positive financial decisions through debt education. We help of our clients find a workable solution to their debt problems, thus providing relief and solace from an already stressful situation! Let us carry this burden for you.

We are you’re sword and shield; we’re with you from the start to the very end until you can stand tall once again, Debt Free!

When you don’t know where to turn too, and can’t take the pressure any more, that’s when you turn to the people that actually HAVE the experience and ARE specialized in debt solutions.

Oyisa United Debt Specialists is here to help!

OUDS believes in giving South African consumers a second chance to build a brighter financial future. The stories we hear from our clients, about how they have been able to transform their lives through our services, is at the core of what drives us.

Oyisa United Debt Specialists offers various specialised debt resolutions services in line with the requirements of the National Credit Act no: 34 of 2005 of South Africa.

We are driven by our 7 Virtues and pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our clients.

We are a bright, dedicated and service oriented team who are passionate about helping our clients.

We continually improve on what we do so that we can deliver innovative and unique specialised debt services.

OUDS operates from a centralized office based in East London, South Africa, from which our office services clients nationally. It doesn’t matter where you reside, WE CAN ASSIST YOU WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!!

Our vision is for an accessible, fair and transparent South African credit market wherein a consumer can participate without fear of being taken advantage of due to a lack of knowledge and in which a credit provider is free to offer responsible credit with a reasonable expectation of recovery.

OUDS extends a helping hand to over – indebted South Africans by assisting them to meet their monthly commitments and retain their most valuable assets via the Debt Review Process (As Per the National Credit Act, 2005), and to assist rehabilitate our clients and educate them on how to live a debt free lifestyle.

At OUDS we help you with all your debt problems in order that you and your family can live your life in peace and be protected without the fear of constant harassment and threats by credit providers!

We believe not only can you get out of debt, but you can avoid the debt trap and save yourself from finding yourself back in the same situation again.

When we say that we understand, believe us, we do! Most of us have been affected by debt. So we get how important this process is to you and your family.

In order to achieve our vision we incorporate the core purpose of the National Credit Act into our Mission in order to achieve this.

Our Mission thus has a multi-pronged approach which is to provide you with;

  • Financial empowerment through professional guidance.
  • Service excellence that is transparent and user friendly.
  • A powerful comprehensive range of debt resolution solutions (Known as Phalanx© debt resolution services).
  • The latest and greatest industry benefits.
  • To promote responsible borrowing and the avoidance of unaffordable credit to the consumer.
  • To promote equity in the market by balancing the rights and responsibilities of both consumers and credit providers.
  • To address any imbalances between the parties to a credit agreement by educating consumers on their rights and responsibilities.
  • To assist consumers with improving credit information.
  • To assist consumers to prevent and/or recover from an over-indebted situation.
  • To assist consumers with accessing a consistent and accessible system of dispute resolution regarding credit agreements.
  • To provide consumers with a consistent and harmonious Debt Counselling process which leads to the eventual satisfaction of all consumer responsibilities under credit agreements.
  • A new beginning, free from the worries of debt.
Our company incorporates the following 7 Virtues which we use to direct our course of action at each decision point, in line with achieving our Vision offering our clients the absolute best service and peace of mind; 

Honesty and justice: OUDS believes in complete transparency (our clients are fully informed every step of the way), deals openly and honestly with others and cleaves to the ideals of justice. Moral decisions do not come in shades of grey, only right and wrong. 

Courage: OUDS never fears to act, respect and caution replace fear. 

Compassion: OUDS takes every opportunity to aid others, and creates opportunities when they do not arise. As a powerful individual, OUDS has a responsibility to use that power to help others. OUDS is to help those who need help.

Due to the sensitive nature of our dealings with our clients, Respect and compassion for the situation that they find themselves in is paramount and this value is enforced throughout the company. 

Polite courtesy: OUDS has no reason to be cruel and no need to prove our strength. Courtesy distinguishes once from an animal, and reveals ones true strength. 

Honour: OUDS conscience is the judge of our honor. The position that we are appointed to requires high levels of authenticity and honesty for it to work. These levels are maintained by each and every member of our team.

The decisions OUDS makes and how we carry them out are reflections of our true nature. Act with honour (don’t lie; don’t cheat, and so on). 

  • Honorable in soul: is one who must never be swayed from the call of duty to our clients, or other associations. To even question the honour of one is unthinkable. One must be selfless, completely devoted to their association, and willing to be selfless for the safety and security of others. 
  • Honorable in thought: is one who does not doubt his code or its demands. Though one is not free of temptation, one must easily overcome it. 
  • Honorable in action: one must act in accordance to the code. One must subordinate one’s own interests to those of the group. One must never struggle to live up to the ideals of his code. Everyone must do his or her duty. Each bout against temptation makes ones resolve grow stronger. 

Complete sincerity: when OUDS has said that we shall perform an action, it is as good as done. OUDS needs not make promises; speaking and doing are as if one and the same. 

Duty and loyalty: OUDS feels responsible for our actions and their consequences, and loyal to the people in our care.  Most of our debt resolution services being time-sensitive there are no delays entertained by us. We ensure a smooth and efficient flow throughout the process.

OUDS loyalty is unquestionable and unquestioning, dishonor is unacceptable.

  • All our fees are included in your repayment plan

Our fees are regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and are included in your affordable debt repayment plan.

  • OUDS is operated by a professional

The person in charge of OUDS is a Senior Paralegal & Debt Counsellor (NCRDC2312)holding various accreditations in social science of psychology. It is therefore our belief that our field of expertise is a legal one and that not all registered Debt Counsellors are necessarily competent enough to deal with the challenges that the process brings. Debt Counselling can be a life changing success if it is dealt with by competent and educated specialists, but in the hands of an incompetent Debt Counsellor it can be disastrous and extremely detrimental one.

  • OUDS has very good relationships with most of the Credit Providers

OUDS has established very good relationships with most of the Credit Providers in the industry, therefore making the process of settling matters and disputes with Credit Providers quicker and easier, ensuring a very high success rate of the process as a whole.

  • High level of service

Our reputation is of the utmost importance to us and we endeavour to ensure that the level of our service and our ability to provide consumers with the best possible debt assistance, are the highest in our field.

  • OUDS makes use of specialist attorneys

We only make use of specialist attorneys in the field of the NCA (our local attorney is a registered Debt Counsellor) who have established networks of correspondents all over South Africa and who always keep abreast with the latest changes in the law pertaining to Debt & the NCA.

  • You do not have to attend a consultation in person

Although you may arrange for a consultation in person, the whole process can be finalized telephonically and via e-mail, making it extremely easy to make use of our services. We take your hand and guide you through the whole process, no matter where in South Africa you reside, so there is nothing to be afraid of…contact us.

  • Your application is treated with confidentiality

Your application is treated with the utmost confidentiality and therefore your employer or friends will not know that you are making use of our services. Not that it is an indignity or anything to be ashamed of, seeing that chances are that 46% of all the people you know are financially distressed…

  • 05 million South Africans are in arrears with at least 3 instalments

The latest available statistics of the NCR indicates that 9.05 million consumers have impaired records. That is more than 46% of all credit-active consumers in South Africa.

The debt resolution services that we utilize are regulated by the National Credit Act – which is great since it means you are 100% backed and protected by the law during these processes.

But we have gone a step further and included extra benefits & services. These benefits & services are based on the feedback from our clients. Making OUDS’s specialised debt solution services uniquely powerful and uniquely focused on your needs.

Hi, I’m Scott, Founder & Managing Director of Oyisa United Debt Specialists. And Here’s How It Came to Be 

My journey with debt review began in 2007 when I transferred to a big city to follow a promising new career and life.

To make a long story short, promises were made and not kept by the firm I transferred to and I found myself making loans just to make it through the month.

I made the same mistakes most consumers make, lending money to pay accounts thus creating more debt for myself while descending further and further down the spiral.

The debt collection phone calls began at 8 o’clock at night, constant threatening SMS’s and phone calls to my place of employment.

The sad part was that I wasn’t unintelligent with regards to the situation I found myself in, having worked in the legal sector from an early age, it was unfortunately debt honestly made in order to survive.

Being young, having nobody to turn to (or too embarrassed to confide in) that could possibly understand or care to try to help, I carried on depressed and stressed out of my mind thinking that I was going to go insane…or do something stupid…to myself.

During the ordeal I was going through the legal fraternity I worked for formed a sister company that was a Debt Counselling firm.

Researching the process and what it could do for me I jumped at the opportunity and placed myself under Debt Review. MY LIFE GOT INSTANTLY BETTER!!! I COULD BREATHE AGAIN!!!

Unfortunately this is my fairy tale ending to my situation.

Years later I transferred back to my home town and subsequently joined a Law firm specialising in Debt Counselling. Needless to say my education into the National Credit Act expanded phenomenally and I took a deeper look into my debt situation and how my debt restructuring had been administered too. It was 4 years later from the time I first applied and none of my accounts where getting resolved.

To shorten the explanation as to what had occurred upon my debt restructuring…well it had not been done correctly at all, processes had not been followed, creditors not informed, recalculations not done properly…in a nutshell, debt resolution the Debt Counselling firm had promise me was never going to be attained unless I took charge and sorted the matter out myself.

A year later and having taken on a second job, I paid off all my debt and cleared my name.

You see I realised that I had to take charge of my debt, own my mistake, and learn to “help myself” in order to get myself out of my debt whirlpool. Nothing can’t be achieved if you don’t work hard at it.

I also realised, from now working inside the Debt Counselling industry and being well versed in the law, just how easy someone can make your life worse…ruin it even… if they have no idea about what they’re doing or simply don’t understand where their client is coming from.

Two years later I was a qualified DC, became a Senior Paralegal and obtained more accreditations in the social science of psychology, various counselling fields.

Already then I knew what I was going to do, it became my calling. I was going to be part of the solution, I was going help people get out of the situation that I’d been in; I was going to help people in all areas of debt concerns.

You see I believe whole-heartedly in the National Credit Act and the various debt solutions it can provide for over-indebted South African families. I believe that this is the solution over-indebted South Africans have been waiting for.

This is my crusade, I can’t really say I chose this it more likely chose me but I am great at what I do. No other individual in this industry can fully understand and appreciate the various processes, nor fully empathise with the clients and what they’re going through, like I can…I was there I know what you’re going through!

I love the industry I’m in, I feel that every day when I walk into the office that this is where I am supposed to be,  this is the where I can make the biggest difference.

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” – Albert Einstein

As you can imagine, choosing the right debt specialist or debt counsellor to handle your debt review is extremely important. That is why it’s always a good idea to check whether the debt review company you choose is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The NCR are the guys who make sure companies like us are operating above board and that our clients’ rights and financial security is respected and protected.

Rest assured knowing that OUDS is registered with the NCR. It’s just one of the many ways we ensure that you are looked after and protected during the debt review process. Here’s Scott’s, OUDS’s managing director, NCRDC registration number: NCRDC2312.

Remember above all else that you are not alone out there!!! Contact OUDS directly for more info regarding any of our effective Phalanx© services.